Watch Free Streaming Movies & TV Online

Want to watch your favourite movies and TV shows online from anywhere in the world, with no loss of image quality and no-one snooping around monitoring what you are up to? If the answer is yes then you need a VPN from a trusted and widely recognised brand, such as Express VPN.

Geo-blocking of premium content or worries about the security of data on streaming sites and torrents often prevent internet users getting access to the content they want. VPNs are an ideal fix for these issues.

Using A VPN To Stream Content

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If you are looking to stream content from a provider in a different country (such as HULU, Netflix, ABC, CBS, NBC, HBO, BBC and so on) using a VPN is likely to be the solution you require. With ExpressVPN, for example, once you’re logged in you can choose the country you wish to connect to the internet via, wherever you are in the world.

Check out this short video guide on the benefits of VPNs

What Is A VPN?

VPN is short for Virtual Private Network, a technology which allows you to use the internet anonymously, on all your devices, allowing you to set the location in which you appear to be connecting from. VPNs are legal and they can be paid for in monthly, six monthly or annual packages. The best providers always provide 30-day money-back guarantees.

VPNs are essentially pieces of software providing privacy and security, encrypting users’ web traffic and masking their IP addresses. VPNs can be installed manually via settings on mobile devices or desktops or via easy-to-install apps.

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Using VPNs To Watch Movies & TV Online

Without a VPN when you stream or download movies or TV shows online your Internet Service Provider or copyright protection authorities may be monitoring your activity via your IP address. But with a VPN you essentially hire an anonymous, remote IP address, therefore protecting your identity. The VPN encrypts your data and you will appear to be browsing the web using the IP address of the VPN server you are connected to, so that neither your ISP nor any other prying third party can monitor your activity. Also many locations will stop you from using the service if you are outside of the location that they are based. For example if you are looking for free streaming TV channels in Canada but are located in USA you might need to change the Ip location of your machine to watch them.

Data Security

When downloading content from a torrent or streaming movies and TV shows from certain sites without using a VPN your data can acquired by hackers, spammers and groups who might damage your devices with malware. Using a strong, trusted VPN protects you from this danger when using services such as Pirate Bay, KickAss Torrents, Afdah, Putlocker or Kodi.

Buying Premium With No Bandwidth Limitations

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With a premium VPN you also have no need to worry about bandwidth limitations, which is not the case with free versions. Most free VPNs are restricted by data limits, which mean you can only watch a few films or TV shows per month and sometimes they also even slow your connection down to the point that streaming is impossible. Downloads can also be painfully slow on free VPNs.

Also, access to social media, or to certain types of live sports or highlights content on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube might be restricted depending on the country you’re in. So hook up your VPN and set your location as the country of your choice and use social networks in the way you want. If you are on holiday, a business trip, living away from home or simply wishing to access sites and social networks as if you were in the country of your choice, you can do that.

Good VPNs also add an additional layer of security so that your device and your identity are protected when you access the web via a shared public wifi connection, be that in a bar, café, hotel or shared office. VPNs can also even speed up the quality of your connection in some cases.

Using Express Virtual Private Network On Multiple Devices

Once you have an account with ExpressVPN you can install and configure the VPN on your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android tablet or Android phone via the settings menu, following some very simple setup guides. Or you can install the app and login there. You can then turn the VPN on or off at your leisure.

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Check IP

Once connected via the VPN you can access the content you wanted via the country you want, knowing that your connection is secure and private. You can do a quick search on Google for ‘What is my IP address?’ and access a site such as to double check you are connect via the country you want to be.

Kill Switch Functionality

If the VPN connection ever fails – which very rarely happens – ExpressVPN offers a ‘Kill Switch’ feature. This is crucial because it cuts off your connection to the internet in the unlikely event that your connection to the VPN server is interrupted. This prevents any harmful internet data coming into or going out of your device. So you also remain anonymous and protected.

No IP Logging

The highly regarded technology website nominated ExpressVPN as Best VPN for Mobile 2018, highlighting its strong selection of security protocols, heavy duty encryption qualities, and the fact that the VPN does not log your IP address, internet behaviour or connection times.

Package Deals

You can connect with a maximum of three devices per account, with payment options being
annual ($8.32 per month), a 6-month deal ($9.99 per month) or 1-month package ($12.95). There’s also a 30-day refund policy so you can test out the product and if it is not what you were looking for there’s nothing to worry about.


So in summary, when you want to watch movies or TV shows online a good quality and trusted VPN is essential, providing numerous benefits including privacy, security, anonymity, quality of connection and speed of connection. VPNs also allow you to select the country that you connect to the internet through, therefore avoiding any restrictions in terms of geo-blocked content.

You can take your devices with you on your travels and continue to watch the content you want, wherever you are. Or if you’re an expat you can watch movies and TV from your homeland wherever you are around the world.

VPNs also have a secondary benefit of allowing you to browse the web with the peace of mind that you are not being snooped or spied upon by aggressive advertisers, hackers or prying government authorities.