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Free Streaming TV Canada: How To Get American TV Channels & Shows Online

Have you ever wondered how your tech savvy (read: nerdy) Canadian friends stream American tv channels in Canada? have access to streaming American television on their laptop, mobile device, or video game console? If you’ve been thinking about cutting the cord with cable television and streaming TV abroad online, this tip is for you.

The first thing you will need is a really stable and secure VPN. To cut to the chase we tried out all the VPNs on the market and one came out as the clear winner, click on the link below to see how to use it right now and start watching your favourite US shows:

CLICK HERE For Ultimate Guide To Watching US TV in Canada

The Internet & Evolution of TV

The Internet made it faster and easier for consumers to access information. As it grew, the Internet became a global system that interconnected networks and allowed devices to link up with it regardless of location. In time, it became the primary destination for consumers who were seeking more than just information.

old television set

Consequently, big business reared its ugly head and dipped its greedy fingers into the largest ocean of opportunity. Interest groups and the large corporations who were also the most generous campaign donors lobbied to their favourite Congressmen to protect business interests.

Regulations & net neutrality

Regulations were set and access to popular sites became restricted. Worse, government agencies were able to track your private information and browsing behaviour. The Internet was no longer a place where you can have “Me Time”.

And now with net neutrality gone, consumers find their Internet freedoms curtailed while the Internet Service Providers have a new source of income.

Why the internet should be free

Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web (WWW) so that people could interact on the Internet. He didn’t make money off it. Berners-Lee gave it for free because he believed information was not a privilege but a right of every consumer.

We share Berners-Lee’s belief. Information should not be restricted. Consumers and well-meaning businesses should be allowed to experience the benefits of the Internet without regulation and interference.

Our article will show you how to bypass these restrictions so you can enjoy your favourite shows from your PC or mobile device wherever you are in the United States or Canada.

How to stream US television online

CLICK HERE For Ultimate Guide To Watching US TV in Canada

Most US streaming TV websites are blocked outside of the United States. This means that if you’re in Canada and the TV show you want to watch online is not carried by a Canadian provider, you’re out of luck.

Some websites that only allow US viewers are Hulu, ABC, CBS, and MTV. Although Netflix works quite well in Canada, it boasts a larger television and movie catalogue when streamed from within the geographic USA region.

Amazon Instant Video

Amazon Instant Video is a popular video streaming channel from the world’s biggest online retailer. It can be accessed from almost all streaming platforms. However, if you are from Canada, you might have difficulty accessing Amazon Instant Video via Roku.

amazon voice device on table

You can access Amazon Instant Video via Roku simply by changing the DNS settings on your router. Smart DNS will then re-route the information on your location away from the prying eyes of Amazon.

With this quick move, you can now enjoy your favourite videos on Amazon Instant Video from the comfortable climes of Canada!

Another option is to use a Virtual Private Network or VPN which encrypts your browsing activity. It will also switch your IP address to the country where the VPN server is located. Thus, if you connect to a US VPN, you will get an IP address from the United States.

This means you will be able to access your favourite US channels including Amazon Instant Video.



SHOWTIME started its online movie streaming service, alongside this they launched a bunch of originals series including THE AFFAIR, HOMELAND, HOUSE OF LIES, SHAMELESS, RAY DONOVAN, PENNY DREADFUL and MASTERS OF SEX. More recently Sacha Baron Cohens ‘WHO IS AMERICA.’

Watching Who Is America In Canada

CLICK HERE For Ultimate Guide To Watching US TV in Canada

Who Is America is available exclusively on Showtime and only in America. Showtime is a paid for service so watching it for free would only be possible with an illegal torrent, downloaded file or streaming service. Using a VPN to set your location as USA is a possible way to watch who is America in Canada.

Hulu Live TV

Hulu Live TV is the newest live streaming service of the popular channel. Unfortunately for fans of American TV, it is only available in the United States. If you live in Canada, you will need a VPN or Smart DNS proxies.

woman watching internet tv

To stream Hulu Live TV, you will need a VPN or Virtual Private Network. With a VPN, you will have an IP address from the US. The US networks will think you are located in the United States.

DNS hijacking

In addition, no one will know what you are watching because the VPN encrypts your streaming activities. It cannot be affected by transparent proxies and DNS hijacking restrictions from your ISP. Lastly, use the VPN to protect your mobile devices from being hacked at public places with Wi-Fi.

All you need to do is sign up with a reputable VPN provider. Install the app on your mobile device or PC. Sign in to your account then connect with an American VPN server. Next, sit back and enjoy Hulu TV Live!


If you’re an US cisitizen living in Canada and you try to access you will get a message that says you must be located in one of the 50 United States of America. We will show you 3 simple ways to watch HBO GO from your PC, Mac, Android, Apple TV, Roku and Fire Stick.

Sign up with cable provider

The first option is to sign up with a cable provider that has it in their programming. If you don’t have an subscription from your home country, sign up with HBO NOW which does not require a cable provider.

DNS proxy option

The second option is to use Smart DNS proxies. It will tag your geo location and redirect it to a US-based server like HBO GO. One Smart DNS proxy can unblock channels from different locations. It is also compatible with all devices. Unfortunately, it does not encrypt traffic or hide your IP address.

American IP with VPN

The third option is to use a VPN or Virtual Private Network. This will give you an American IP address and encrypt your streaming activities. Now you can access all the US channels you want. Sign up with a reputable VPN provider then install the app on the streaming device of your choice. Last step would be to connect to a US server and stream HBO GO.

How To Watch American Netflix in Canada

How to watch American Netflix shows through your Canadian subscription? When you sign up with VPN providers such as ExpressVPN, NordVPN or BulletVPN, you will be able to connect to an American VPN server which will give you access.

Avoid being locked to one area

Another option is to sign up with a Smart DNS provider to get access to all regions including US Netflix in Canada. You will be able to view around 90 channels such as Hulu Plus, BBC Iplayer, ITV, 4oD and Canal Plus without getting locked to one location.

Choose a VPN server or Smart DNS provider that offers a free trial and money back guarantee. This way, you will be able to test the brand without risk.

Access to all content

You might be surprised to find out that the show you’ve heard so much about isn’t in your library in Canada. This is because locations outside the US receive 10% less content! We will show you how to get the entire Netflix catalogue on your Apple TV and with a VPN or Virtual Private Network.

Sign up with provider

To watch from your Apple TV, get a VPN simply by signing up with a provider. Download the app on the device of your choice. Launch the app, sign in to your account then connect to a US server. From there, sign up with Netflix. Now you can enjoy the entire library of shows from your Apple TV.

Enable router

You should know that you will need VPN enabled routers such as a DD-WRT to use the VPN method to access Netflix from your Apple TV. You will have to configure your router by using the VPN setup as given by your VPN service.

Transparent proxy

Another option is with Smart DNS proxies where all you need to do is change your DNS IP addresses. Smart DNS supports most devices and no need to switch device setup to access other regions. However, you can be affected by Transparent Proxies and DNS hijacking.

YouTube Red

YouTube Red is a great video streaming service that showcases ad-free videos for a monthly fee of only $9.99. However the service is only available in the US. We will show you how to access YouTube Red in Canada with a VPN or Virtual Private Network.

American server

First, sign up with a VPN provider and download the app on your preferred streaming device. Then launch the app by signing into your VPN account. Once you’re in, connect to an American server. Now you can access YouTube as if you were residing in the United States!


DAZN is dubbed the “Netflix of Sports” because it is loaded with live sports programs. If you’re in Canada, you can watch DAZN by using a VPN or Smart DNS proxies.

Get German IP address

With a VPN, all you have to do is sign up with a provider with servers in Germany. This will ensure you get a German IP address. Download the app on your favourite streaming device then run it by signing in to your account. You can connect to a German or Canadian server since DAZN is now available in Canada. Now you can get your sports fix care of DAZN!

Smart DNS option

If you prefer Smart DNS proxies, you have to make sure it can support DAZN. Then it will be easy to setup on your device. It will not change your IP address, but only redirect it. You will not experience a drop in Internet speed when using Smart DNS.

Kodi Boxes

Kodi XBMC is one of the most popular streaming apps. However, there are questions on its legality and whether it is safe to use. There have been documented cases where Kodi TV boxes contained malware.

Get ant virus first

Make sure to read all the reviews on Amazon and Ebay before buying one. Also, it should be installed with the latest Kodi 17.3 program. Another good idea is to install anti-virus software on your Android streaming device.

Check legal & privacy laws

As for its legality, keep in mind that Canada has very strict online piracy laws. It would be better to use a VPN on your Kodi TV Box. A VPN server will keep your ISP, trolls and government agencies from tracking your streaming activities.

Make sure you use a reputable VPN service provider then download the app on your PC, Mac or preferred streaming device. Once you’ve opened it and signed on, connect to an American server so you can start watching your favourite shows.

Made In Canada

official flag of canada

Made in Canada lets you watch your favorite sports programs on your PC, Mac, Android, Firestick and other devices with Kodi. Would you want to know how to get Made in Canada on Kodi 17.3 Krypton?

Launch Kodi Krypton

You will need to change its setting after Kodi Krypton has been launched. Changing settings is standard procedure. What is important is when you go to File Manager and choose “Add Source” you select “None” and enter the link for mediarepos.net with the “kodistuff” sub-directory.

Rename Colossus

Then rename it to “Colossus”. When you go back to the home screen, select “Add Ons” then click on the “Package Installer” icon. Choose “Install Zip File” to Colossus. It will be easy to install Made In Canada after you click on the repocolossus.zip file.

Finally you can also access Made in Canada with a VPN. Simply download the app on your preferred streaming device and launch it. Using a VPN will hide your streaming activities. It will not slow down Internet speed.


Can you still access TLC Go when you go out of the U.S? The Learning Channel TLC is currently available in US domestic Internet services only but it is now possible to catch up on your favorite shows like Forensic Files, Kindred Spirits and A Haunting through a VPN server which will hide your current location and make it appear as if you are searching the web from USA.


unlocked lock

To unblock TLC GO, download and install a VPN provider such as Express VPN to your mobile device. This App will give you access to an American VPN server that will serve as the pathway for US streaming channelsevergreen like Discovery, TLC and History.


Freeform is a popular online platform where you can stream TV shows on demand for free. However, its reach is limited to US residents only. When your current location is outside of USA you can unblock Freeform’s geographical restrictions through a VPN provider or Smart DNS proxy service and stream content without glitches.

How does it work? VPN changes your device’s IP address and make it appear as if you are located in the US while Smart DNS proxy service redirects geo-related traffic that leads Freeform to assume that it is streaming content in the US. VPN is more secure but connection is slower. Smart DNS has a faster connection but is less secure.

How to watch Canadian TV abroad live?

Tune in to your favorite channels even when you are away from Canada through VPN or Smart DNS proxy servers. These proxies are capable of unlocking the contents of geographically restricted channels. Use VPN to hide your real location and appear online with a Canadian IP address or Smart DNS to unblock streaming sites.

Before you pack your bags make sure to sign up with VPN or Smart DNS service that offers a free trial or a 30-day money back guarantee. This way you will be able to watch your favorite Canadian TV shows anywhere in the world and feel closer to home.

Free and paid solutions for Content

The key to watching US TV content online from Canada is simple; Trick the desired website into thinking you’re located in the United States.

US tv

You can do this a number of ways; a VPN, a web proxy, or a US-based DNS. For this article, we’re going to focus on the latter because it’s free, and it’s incredibly easy to setup. Our favourite is Express VPN. See the following video to setup and CLICK HERE to get the cheapest deals on the software.

How To Watch Canadian TV Online In US?

If you are looking to watch Canadian TV in the US you can follow the same steps as above as the same applies. Of course there are much more limited choices for Canadian content than American.

How to re-grow vegetables over and over again

Growing fruit and vegetables from plant cuttings, scraps, or trimmings is a sustainable way to save money and regular trips to the grocery store. It’s a great way to keep your family healthy, and free of harmful chemicals or GMO food tampering.

As a suggestion, be sure to use a healthy non-GMO plant to start. This way you don’t carry forward any questionable traits or health defects in your own garden.

Related: Study shows genetically modified crops can cause liver and kidney damage

Starting from the root

The following garden vegetables, root and herbs have the ability to regenerate and grow an entire new plant from a root scrap or plant trimming; We selected these vegetables in particular because we use them the most frequently, and therefore benefit greater by growing these vegetables again and again opposed to less commonly used vegetables.

[column size=”one-half”]
  • Fennel
  • Leek
  • Spring onion
  • Scallion
  • Lemon Grass
  • Celery
  • Romaine lettuce[/column]
[column size=”one-half” last=”true”]
  • Bok Choy
  • Cabbage
  • Potatoes
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Ginger[/column]

Fennel, leek,  spring onion, and scallion

Place the white roots in a container with about 1/2 cm – 1 cm of water and place in a sunny window. If you don’t have a sunny area to grow plants, you can find growing lamps here. Once you begin to see some root growth, transplant into a container with soil and keep in a well lit area.

Lemon grass

Once again, simply place the roots in a container with about 1/2 cm – 1 cm of water and place in a sunny window. Once you begin to see some new growth, transplant your lemon grass into a container with soil and keep it in a well lit area. Once it reaches about a foot tall, it’s ready for harvest. Trim what you need, and allow the plant to continue to grow.

It will take 4 – 8 months to grow initially, and 3 – 4 months for ever proceeding harvest with a life span of about 4 years.

Celery, romaine, bok choy, and cabbage

The process remains the same for these vegetables; However because of the size of the root, you’ll need a bowl of water with your roots trimmed down to an inch or two and the water level covering them by about two-thirds. Keep your plant moist, and in a well lit area.

After 1 – 2 weeks, you’ll notice roots and foliage begin to grow, indicating it’s time to transplant your baby plant into soil in a well lit area. Continue to keep it moist it’s first two weeks, and several weeks later you’ll have a healthy head of foliage ready to be harvested.


If you leave your potatoes in a cupboard like I do, it isn’t long before roots, also known as “eyes” begin to develop. Find yourself a healthy looking specimen with plenty of eyes, and cut it up into 4 – 8 pieces, trying to get at least 2 eyes to each sliced piece. Some say the more eyes on a potato, the larger the crop. After that, allow your potato pieces to dry out for 3 days, so they don’t rot under ground.

When you plant your potato pieces into fertile planting soil, dig a whole around 8 inches deep, and place your piece with its eyes aiming skyward. Only fill the hole back up half way to ensure your plant can breathe. Once you begin to see growth peek out past the soil, go ahead and finish covering in the hole as required. It’s going to take about 4 – 8 months before harvest, provided you have used a quality soil, rich in nutrients.


Cut the root off, leaving some of the onion attached. Please the onion trimming directly into your garden, and cover with soil 1 – 2 cm. Keep it most during the initial 21 day germination period, and 6 – 8 months later they will be ready for harvest.


It only takes one clove to grow a garlic bulb, and just like the onion, garlic requires little hassle to grow your own. Simply place a garlic clove root-down into the soil of your garden, in a well lit area, and keep it moist during germination. Depending on when you planted your garlic, it can take roughly 6 – 9 months until harvest.


Ginger requires less sunlight to grow, and it makes a great house plant. Growing ginger is as simple as putting a piece of it under soil, buds aiming skyward, should there be any. After a few weeks, roots will take hold, and foliage will sprout. If you’ve ever grown aloe, it’s quite similar in the sense that at any time you can cut a piece out and use it, or grow another plant.

If you haven’t grown aloe before, please do! It’s not for eating so much as it is for rubbing on skin abrasions and burns.


Grow your own onions!

Grow your own onions! This photo by Moveable Life

(Title image includes work used under Creative Commons attribution license, by the incredibly talented David Lanham)

Mason Jar Herb Garden

You will be the envy of your green fingered friends when they see these rustic mason jar herb planters on your wall! They will will gaze in wonder at how you did this yourself.

Mason jar pre filling

A Mason Jar Herb Garden:

DIY wall hanging herb garden

List of what you will need:

  • A piece of 1″ x 6″ or so should do it; Using old recycled wood is plus and gives it a rustic look
  • Mason jars
  • Pipe clamps
  • Screws
  • Ribbon
  • Triangle ring hangers
  • Stainless steel wire
  • Multi-head screwdriver
  • Hammer and nails
  • Wire cutters
  • (Plus  if you’d like to add some colour to the bottom of the jar)

Don’t have any of the above? We have handpicked the best tools for the job available online. The Mason jar indoor garden is ideal for herb gardens, and a favourite among urban centre dwellers who might not have space for an earthen garden of their own. We humbly put forward our attempt at how to make one of our own, however we know ours isn’t perfect. In reading the comments on Camille’s post, a prime concern was plant drainage. Since punching holes in Mason jars is difficult and ill-advised, we suggest some creative alternatives not present in our example.

Plant Drainage

Even though the University of Illinois accurately states that using a gravel layer at the bottom of a planter in the place of breathing holes isn’t the best idea, the internet is full of examples with gravel bottoms to suggest otherwise. If you’re keen to the idea of using stones as a base later, why not change it up a little? Although we have yet to test these ourselves coloured aquarium stones, marbles, pebbles, sea shells, or smoothed glass fragments might just do the trick and allow you to add further creative expression to your mason jar planter or wall garden project.

How to make a Mason jar wall garden

We didn’t use name tags because I couldn’t decide which plants to use; I ended up with lavender, ivy and creeping thyme. They’re not all exactly kitchen functional, although they prove the concept works for herbs and hanging plants alike. I thought I’d leave the size of the Mason jar and the name tags up to you. Cut-out name tags with push pins would look good, so would more permanent painted titles, or a combination of chalkboard paint and chalk.

Estimated time

45 minutes


Alright, lets go!

  1. Place your jars on the board, space them out how you like them, lightly pencil a line which indicates the centre of each mason jar so you can erase it later.
  2. Place an x in the centre of the board beside each line from step one; This is where you will fasten your Mason jar to the board with a screw.
  3. The pipe clamps have an adjustable screw to tighten them; Tighten a clamp around each mason jar and place them on the board with the adjustable screw part under the jar (pointing down). This will help to hold the jar in place when it’s hanging on the board.
  4. Identify the place on the pipe clamp where it meets the ‘x’ from step two.
  5. Remove the Mason jars from each pipe clamp and screw the pipe clamp to the board through the spot you’ve identified in previous steps.
  6. Re-attach Mason jars to the pipe clamps.
  7. Hot-glue strands of ribbon over pipe clamps (or leave them as-is or paint them).
  8. Place herbs in each jar and you’re good to go!

Watering your garden may be a little bit tricky, so we suggest a watering can with a narrow spout. We found our inspiration for this Mason jar wall garden through the infamously talented Camille Styles.


  • Improve your family’s health
  • Stop paying grocery store markup (and save precious time)
  • Reduce your environmental foot print
  • Enjoy better-tasting food
  • Build a sense of pride
  • Stop worrying about food safety




DIY: Coasters

To date, we’ve covered how to convert Mason jars into unique candle holders, or an indoor herb garden –but what about those lids? Can’t throw them out! How about we make some coasters with them?

Here are a few easy steps that will give your coffee table a new cozy feeling.

Estimated time

30 minutes

Shopping list

  • Twine (whatever kind of twine you would prefer)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Mason Jar Lid (Wide mouth mason jar lids work best!)

Alright, let’s go!

1. Find the very middle of the lid, you can use a ruler or just eye ball it, and mark it. Then knot the very end of the twine, and glue it to the middle.

Mason jar lid coaster - Twine

2. Begin to glue around the middle point in a circular pattern. (The trick is to work slowly and in small pieces at a time).

Ball canning jar lid coaster

3. When you get to the edge of the lid, it’s a good idea to make a ring around the bottom (to keep the metal off of your table).

Photo 34. Let the glue dry, pick off any glue that might have come through the twine and enjoy!



Bloody Mary Vs Caesar Mary: Difference & Ingredients Guide

Whether you’re looking to make a Caesar or Mary, both have been referred to as “the world’s most complex cocktail”. The difference between a bloody caesar and a bloody mary is all in the ingredients. Here is what a bloody mary should look like, to see a bloody caesar & the recipe read on…


What a Caesar Looks Like:

Ask any Canadian about their favorite drink! The answer will be proudly Bloody Caesar without any doubts. The best thing about this drink is the taste and its attractive appearance. Undoubtedly if you compare this vs. American Bloody Mary, then this is undeniably the best one. It is the most popular cocktail in Canada and its origins are located in the city of Albertan. The concept behind this cocktail can be dated back to the year of 1969. The cocktail is completely based on tomato and it is a sodium ridden Calgary cocktail with a great taste.

The drink recipe, it’s all about the clamato

You will need is Clamato which is sourced from various cities in America like Washington, Seattle and Montana. You also need Worcestershire, Tabasco and also varieties of spices. All these spices lift up the taste and flavor of the drinks. Some of the essential spices used in this drink are salt, celery salt as well as black pepper. Along with all these the mandatory ingredient which is used is vodka. The inclusion of clam induces an umami flavor to this drink and adds a robust taste. Thus, it helps to add a different depth and taste than that of the American Bloody Mary.


Full caesar drink ingredients

celery salt
1 ounce vodka
1 dash Tabasco® sauce
1 dash Worcestershire sauce
clamato juice
normal salt

Directions on How to Mix and Make The Drink

Take a small bowl or a dish and put 3 table spoonfuls of celery salt to create a small layer. Next grab yourself the glass you are going to serve the cocktail in and dampen the rim of the glass with the lime. dip the rims of the class into the celery salt.

Now that you have prepared the serving glass mix the drink itself. Using a large pitcher mix the vodka, lime juice, clamato juice, pepper, pepper sauce, horseradish and remaining celery salt. Add ice to the serving glass and pour the mix over.

Why This Is The Best?

Without any doubt, this cocktail is the best and the most notable one. It tops the favorite booze list of majority of the Canadians. The popularity of this drink increased very rapidly since the year of its origin. Compared to all other cocktails this is the best one which you can have almost every day and still cannot get enough of it. According to a survey done, it has been seen that this drink is consumed more than 350 million times by the Canadians every year. And this calculation depicts that per person consumes 10 Caesars every year. Thus, the consumption of this drink is quite high.

History Behind This Cocktail

The Bloody Mary recipe was the first to hit the New York bar scene with claims originating back to 1921, onto arguments over who was the first to fabricate such a fine cocktail in the late 1930’s. The Caesar recipe didn’t arrive for another 30 years, making its debut in the late 1960’s.

statue of liberty

Bloody Caesar has a very significant and interesting history behind its invention. The man who is the inventor of this drink is Walter Chell. He was a bar manager of a place which is now a popular place for all the drink lovers. It is The Westin Hotel located in the downtown Calgary. He was inspired to make this drink from a classic Italian pasta dish. That’s some interesting! The tomato sauce and clams used in pasta inspired him and he thought of preparing a cocktail based on that. The way it is prepared is quite straightforward and does not have any complicated ingredient list.

Prepare It At Home

You have seen all the ingredients used in this drink. Those are easily available from the market and even preparing or mixing of this drink is not a hard task to do. It is very simple and easy. So, if you have already tried this drink once in any bar you are likely to try it at home again. This drink is simply addictive as it is tasty with a twist. Are you lonely at home and want some drink? Or some of your friends or guests are coming down to your place? Then this is a great time to try out this drink. You can prepare it at your house and make your friends have it.

Canadian variations

Just like Canadian bartenders have created their own variations from the classic one, you can also try something different if you want. You can choose to use some different ingredients like cucumber-infused grins or some herbs like rosemary and basil etc. You can also add some fruit juice to make it taste slightly different. After Bloody Caesar is done it can be garnished with a celery stalk. The looks as well as the taste of this drink cannot be simply compared to any drinks or cocktails. It is totally different and will win your heart in the very first sip.

What’s the difference?

A bartender from Calgary Alberta named Walter Chell can lay claim to be the inventor when he changed the Bloody Mary cocktail recipe enough to give the drink a new title; He added his own key ingredient: clam juice to a Bloody Mary which consisted of clam broth and tomato juice. he stuck with the traditional garnish of a celery stick. Some people like to add a little horseradish to give it an additional kick also. Over the years many popular mixed alcoholic drinks have been modified with cocktail makers giving their own twist on a classic such as the porn star martini.

bloody caesar vs bloody mary

It stuck, and now Clamato is used to replace the Bloody Mary’s tomato juice, which represents the only major difference between a Bloody Mary and a Ceasar.

Canada doesn’t just rock hockey, poutine, maple syrup, and Montreal bagels, but also the Caesar. It can squash any hangover and it makes a healthy addition to any weekend brunch. Either drink can be served tastefully with or without alcohol. A non-alcoholic rendition of either is called “virgin”.

Battle Royale

The debate over which beverage is superior rages on. The idea of “clam juice” in an alcoholic beverage is a turn off for many, but that’s what gives the Bloody Caesar recipe its edge.

Clams, oysters and mussels are rumoured to have chemical compounds in them which serve as aphrodisiacs. Mix up some booze with this little love potion and you’ve got yourself a summer drink for healthy amourous people. Don’t let the clams get you down: The rest of the drinks’ recipe ingredients make it subtle and it works.

Is it healthier?

Are they healthy? Well both have healthy aspects as they contain tomato juice. But clearly unhealthy also due to the (copious if i’m making them) amounts of Vodka! Clamato juice if made from scratch is gonna have a lot more goodness including higher levels of zinc and other notable trace minerals notably chromium. However if you buy the store bought Clamato juice made by Mott’s (Dr Pepper Snapple Group) then the health benefits will be significantly diminished.

The nutrition facts are kinda hard to nail down considering the options listed above.

A toast for all occasions

Either drinks’ healthy look and attributes make it easy to slip in an alcoholic beverage before noon without raising eyebrows, but one must truly appreciate the spin that we Canadians have put on the Bloody Mary. We combined sex, vitality and alcohol in a spicy little red package, and for that my friends, I believe we have a leg up on the Bloody Caesar’s American cousin.


Thus, you can prepare this awesome drink at home without any problem. If you are lucky enough to find a pepperoni stick, smoked salmon or bacon or even some fried chicken atop this drink then you will be able to enjoy the drink just like the inventor Walter Chell want it to be. So, you can try this drink with a twist of your own. You will love to have this drink again and again.