5 Ways To Avoid BPA

There are lots of different views on BPA and evidence around the risks of exposure to it. Here we will go through ways that you can proactively avoid it. 1.Fresh vs, Packaged foods Environment health perspectives found that evidence of BPA in… decreased 2.Glass vs Plastic Containers Recycled over and over again – Plastic Last longer […]

Awesome Parenting in the Animal Kingdom: Photos of Cute Animals

Photo by Jan Pelcman Photo by Wolfgang von Vietinghoff   Photo by Daniel Münger Photo by Tin Man Photo by Chuck Babbitt Photo by Edwin Kats Photo by Ric Seet Photo by Laurie Rubin Photo by Michael Nichols Photo by Andre Pretorius Photo by Frederique Olivier/John Downer Productions Photo by Marco Mattiussi Photo by pensivesquirrel.wordpress.com Photo by Jim Ridley Photo by Michael Milicia Photo by hqwide.com Photo by Igor Shpilenok Photo by Jeanette […]

Grim Reaper Drone: DIY Halloween Prank

You may have seen this image of the grim reaper drone circulating Facebook lately. We have uncovered the video and the behind-the-scenes footage of how Tom Mabe pulled it off. Apparently, not just any drone is capable of lifting heavy objects, and Tom tells you where to find the drone he used in the second video clip. […]

You’ll never believe what Nestlé is up to

Oh, Nestlé. There are few companies more sinister, and in our books Nestlé is up there with other corporate giants such as Monsanto, BP, and Philip Morris. What makes an organization evil isn’t so much its clever marketing, it’s the profit-thirsty minds behind it; Meet Peter Brabeck, former CEO and now Chairman of Nestlé. Peter […]

Inspire Kids: School the Bottle

Have you ever wondered how much trash in the ocean is plastic? Or which type of re-useable water bottle is the safest to use? Find out answers to these questions and a number of others with this infographic by Water Filler. The gravity of the plastic pollution problem is becoming too hard to ignore. We […]