RunEtiquette: Promoting respect in Toronto’s athletic community

In the journey to get healthy and fit, we all start off with a “just do it” attitude, and if we keep at it, our tastes develop. We start to grow a preference for certain trails, equipment, or biometric apps. After awhile, patterns develop, and during the transition from beginner to athlete, we become part of a network.

Athletic stewardship and etiquette

With any network, there are social norms and etiquette to follow. With the growing popularity of jogging, cycling and other physical activities in highly populated urban centres, it’s becoming increasingly important to understand and respect the code.


Athletic community values

My Torontonian friend, colleague, professional swimmer, and nowadays Ironman distance triathlete, Hector Rodriguez is launching RunEtiquette, a website which aims to demystify the culture which surrounds its niche, while promoting respect for fellow athletes and the environment their activity inhabits.

This is what Hector has to say:

Having a strong background in swimming and being an active triathlete, training for an Ironman, have taught me a lot about sports. Specially running.

As a triathlete I’m always in the constant search to become faster, stronger, leaner. I read a lot about swimming, biking, running, nutrition, flexibility, strength training. The research is endless.

Running is easy, just get a good pair of running shoes and get outside or hit a treadmill. Running can be fun. Just make sure to respect others and know the simple and more basic rules of the sport.

In the interest of promoting an enjoyable running and racing experience for everyone (including me) I’m creating RunEtiquette. A guide for runners. Whether you’re new to the sport or you have been doing it for ages. We all should follow these guidelines to have a better experience while training or racing.

Should I nod, say hi or ignore other runners? What do do when running with a stroller? Are you running with a dog? Should I stay to the left or to the right? this questions along with others will be answered in the RunEtiquette.

Make sure to follow us and subscribe to our page. We’ll be launching in Fall 2013. If you want to be notified about the date, just head to and subscribe to be notified.  Run Etiquette header image from Facebook.