Health Effects of Microwave Cooking

How you cook your food is just as important as what you’re cooking

How much money are going to spend on anti-aging crème, designer products, or cosmetic alternatives trying to stop the signs of aging? Well, how about you throw out that machine you zap your food with on the daily, and we’ll call it a start?

Microwaves reduce the nutritional value of healthy meals often leaving little, to no benefit, in consuming that meal.

Even worse, most foods which come prepackaged in microwaveable plastic leech BPA and other harmful substances into your food. Fad diets are synonymous with branded microwave dinners! These microwave cooked foods are a social virus; We’re told they’re safe, convenient, and just as good as the real thing. First they slip you cancer-causing agents, and then the microwave cooked food lowers your immune system.

Prolonged consumption of microwave cooked food has also been linked to cancerous effects on your blood, a decrease in immune cells (lymphocytes), and unhealthy changes to your cholesterol profile. You might argue that there is not enough time in the day to prepare meals; Your lack of time for cooking may be another indicator of a stressful lifestyle.

Stress and busy lives also lead to looking aged well beyond our years, so slow down and find the therapy that can come from cooking, rather then running out the door.

Sources: Stephanie Relfe B.Sc., FDA, Health Science, Longevity & Anti-Aging


Featured image from Snoop Dogg; Pocket like it’s Hot