The B and Bee Honey combs Hotel


B and Bee is a portable hostel concept by Compaan and Labeur, designed to improve sleeping conditions for patrons of outdoor events and festivals throughout the world.


Each cell is equipped with luggage storage, a locker, lighting, power supply, and a king-sized bed which can be easily folded into a comfortable lounge seat. The beds are non standard an wont work with the likes of IKEA mattress etc.


Compaan and Labeur partnered with Achilles Design and One Small Step to apply for the CICI 2014 scholarship, powered by Flanders DC and IWT. The “Honeycomb Hotel” concept was selected as one of the 16 projects and is currently undergoing development, prototyping, and testing.

The first 6 stacked cells will be presented to the public at DOK Ghent during the Ghent Festivities 2014.

tiny house honey comb